Japanese Embassy

There are many Japanese Embassies and Consulates around the globe. These are important institutions that support their government and represent Japan abroad. While there are some differences, most foreign travelers can apply for a visa through both, an embassy or consulate. However, with the introduction of the electronic visa for Japan, thousands of travelers will no longer need to go to an embassy or consulate to follow the application process.

The Japan eVisa will allow eligible citizens to do complete an online application form with their personal details and passport information.

List of Countries with a Japanese Embassy

An embassy is a diplomatic representation of a country’s government in another country. It keeps its home government informed about important political, social, economical, military and other important events happening in the host country. Japanese Embassies also process visa applications for those interested in going to Japan for various purposes.

The Embassy of Japan may also prepare international treaties and official state visits. Embassies also promote Japanese culture, economy and science in its host country. Many embassies have a consular sections that exercises the functions of a consulate.

Japan has an embassy in several countries. Travelers who wish to obtain a visa to Japan are required to make an appointment at the embassy. Foreigners who wish to travel to Japan must gather the necessary documents and complete a Japan visa application form with their personal details.
List of Countries with a Japanese Consulate

A consulate is the representation of the public administration of a country in a foreign town. It is responsible for its fellow citizens who are living or traveling in the host country.

Consulates have several important duties, which include to report births, deaths, marriages, divorces, and adoptions that have happened in the host country to the competent authorities. Japanese Consulates around the world also have the responsibility to inform its own citizens living abroad about the social security situation.

A Japanese Consulate establishes entry visas to foreign citizens and informs them about immigration, residence and work permits. Foreign travelers who wish to visit Japan may need to apply for a visa through the consulate. One of the main responsibilities of a consulate is to process visa applications.