Japan Embassy in China

The Japanese Embassy in China is situated in Beijing. In addition to Japan’s embassy in Beijing, Japan has six other representations in China. These representations include consulates in Chongqing, Dalian, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Shanghai and Shenyang. The Japanese Embassy in Beijing is one of 308 Japanese diplomatic representations abroad.

The international relations between the People’s Republic of China and the State of Japan have had difficult periods throughout history. However, despite their past conflicts China and Japan have been steadily improving their relationship remarking that they want to develop healthy ties and strengthen their bond. Both countries are cooperating in numerous areas, including boosting global trade.

China’s and Japan’s economies are strong, and at this time, they are the world’s second and third largest economies by nominal GDP respectively.

Japan will introduce the electronic visa for Chinese tourists in April 2020. Japan hopes to simplify the process of obtaining a visa. According to reports by the Japan National Tourism Organization more than seven million Chinese visitors traveled to Japan in 2017

Japanese Embassy in Beijing, China – Address:

Liang Ma Qiao Street
Chaoyang District, No. 1
Beijing 100600


(+86) 10 8531 9800

Office hours:

Monday – Friday: 09:30 to 17:00
Saturday: 13:00 – 17:00

Japan Consulates in China

Besides the Japanese Embassy in Beijing, Japan has several consulates in Japan: