Japan Visa for Citizens of Brazil

The government of Japan is planning to introduce a new electronic visa (eVisa) system for Japan from Brazil to simplify the process of obtaining a visa to visit the country. This new system will begin rolling out in April 2020.

The application for the Japan electronic Visa for Brazilian citizens asks for a valid passport as well as some other documents required by the Japanese government. The goal of bringing the process online is to simplify the entire application. This means that applicants will not have to visit the Japanese Embassy to obtain a Japan visa.

The eVisa application form requires that the applicant submit personal details, which should be entered exactly as they appear in their passport. The application then requires more details about the trip, such as dates of travel, port of entry, the purpose of travel, and ship or air carrier used for arrival. The application also asks for details about where the traveler will be staying for the duration of their trip.

The traveler will lastly have to answer a set of legal questions. These cover any past criminal history or any previous violation of immigration laws.

Japan e-Visa Requirements from Brazil

Applicants should prepare the necessary documents and double check that they meet all of the visa requirements for the Japan tourist visa from Brazil. If multiple people will be traveling for the same purpose, they can apply together. Applicants will need to prepare the following items:

  • A valid Brazilian passport, signed, with 2 blank visa pages
  • The completed visa application form
  • A recent passport-sized photo with a white background, which should be pasted on the application form
  • Proof of sufficient funds for the trip in the form of a bank statement
  • Confirmed reservation of roundtrip tickets to Japan
  • Hotel reservation confirmation for the duration of the trip
  • A travel itinerary for the trip including dates, cities, contact information and accommodation plans

If the traveler is visiting Japan because of an invitation from someone who lives there, the application should include a formal letter from the person who invited them.

Application: Before the eVisa is available, Brazilian citizens must submit their application to either the Japanese Embassy in Brasilia, a consulate general office, or a visa processing agency while still in Brazil. Of course, with the eVisa starting in 2020, the applicant can quickly and easily apply for their visa online.

Types of Japan Visas for Brazilian Passport Holders

Take care when choosing which visa to apply for because there are many different visa types offered by the Japanese government. In general, the visa types are broken down by short-term visas and long-term visas.

  • Business Visa – applicants for this visa must be employed in a managerial role at a company which satisfies certain criteria
    Transit Visa – Brazilian nationals need to apply for a Transit Visa even if Japan is just a stopover on the way to another destination
  • The Working Visa and Highly Skilled Professional Visa require that the applicant have a sponsor in Japan who can produce a certificate of eligibility. It is usually meant for people who have an existing job offer with a Japanese company
  • The General Visa is granted to applicants who plan to engage in cultural activities. It requires a certificate of eligibility from a regional immigration authority
  • A Specified Visa is granted to the Brazilian spouses and children of Japanese nationals
  • Diplomatic and Official Visas are granted to government officials who are stationed in Japan on a diplomatic mission