Japan eVisa for Georgian Citizens

After the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, Japanese travel authorities are planning on launching a revamped system for tourists to apply for a visa. The new process, which will be available to travelers from many countries around the world, including those from Georgia, will be unique because it will take place entirely online.

The Japanese eVisa will have applicants filling out forms and providing documents from their home or office instead of from their local embassy or consulate. Thanks to the new system, which will be up and running in April 2020, Georgians will have a much smoother pre-trip process, saving them time and energy that they can better utilize by planning their exciting trip to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Below Georgian travelers will find out everything they need to know about the new Japanese eVisas.

Do I Need a Visa for Japan from Georgia?

Yes, each traveler must hold their own visa before going to Japan. The process of applying for the new Japanese eVisa for Georgian citizens is straightforward and can be completed in a short amount of time. In the upcoming sections, travelers wishing to visit Japan will learn more about which visas are available and how to make sure they are choosing the right document.

Types of Japanese Visas for Georgians

There are multiple eVisa types to apply for depending on the reasons for visiting Japan and the duration of the traveler’s stay. Most of them are divided into two main categories: the country’s travel authorizations for short-term visits, and Japan’s travel permits for travelers who will stay for longer periods in the island nation.

Japan Visas for Short-Term Visits

Georgian citizens’ visa application will vary depending on the trip they intend on taking, and more specifically, on how long they wish to stay in Japan and under what capacity.

For travelers who are visiting Japan from Georgia as tourists, or for the purpose of visiting family and friends, the Japanese tourist eVisa is appropriate. This electronic tourist travel permit is the most common visa requested and can be issued as a single-entry visa or as a double-entry visa. It is valid for up to 90 days.

If you are traveling to Japan for short-term business ventures, then the Japanese business visa is the correct visa to select during the application process. This visa is also issued in a single- or double-entry variety and is valid for 90 days.

If you are utilizing a Japanese airport as a layover, then the transit visa is the correct visa to apply for. Please take into consideration this is not an authorization for those travelers who wish to visit Japan.

Japanese Visas for Long-Term Stays

If Georgian nationals are interested in traveling to Japan for extended periods of time, then they are advised to apply for any of the following visas, according to their circumstances and travel needs:

  • General visa: meant for Georgian citizens who have already met the eligibility requirements and who intent on remaining in Japan for up to three years.
  • Working visa: issued to Georgians who have received a written job offer to move to or remain in Japan. Special requirements apply.
  • Specific visa: suited for Georgian passport holders who have a Japanese family member or spouse. This travel authorization is valid for up to five years.
  • Official visa: might be granted for business, government relations, or international aid and relations work. The visa’s validity is subject to change dependent on the type of work.
  • Diplomatic visa: for Georgian citizens who are developing diplomacy work in Japan. The validity of a visa for Georgian diplomats depends on the individual’s role and/or project.

Important notice: The long-term visas available to travel and stay in Japan require to meet additional and particular conditions that should be consulted with proper Japanese authorities in the correspondent embassies or consulates.

Japan eVisa Requirements for Georgian Passport Holders

The Japanese eVisa application is a quick, simple process that can be completed online if applicants have all the necessary information to fill out the electronic form. In this regard, there are several basic requirements that each Georgian citizen must provide. The following documents and data will be needed during the online form process:

  • A passport (Georgian or from another country on the approved list) with a minimum of two blank passport pages and six months of validity
  • A recently taken color photograph, digitalized and formatted for a passport
  • An itinerary for the applicant’s entire time in Japan with details of hotels and onward travel
  • Proof of financial stability via bank statements and income tax documents unless traveling with the aid of a sponsor or guarantor (see below)
  • A secondary government document such as a marriage certificate (mandatory if the applicant is married) or a driver’s license

Should a traveler be visiting Japan with the help of a sponsor or guarantor they will need to present the following:

  • A guarantee letter which details the relationship between the two parties
  • Proof of that relationship via supporting documents
  • Financial proof that the sponsor is capable of supporting the traveler during their time in Japan

In order to avoid any issues related to Japan’s eVisa application, it is recommended to stay informed about the relevant news and information regarding the Japanese eVisa.