Japan Visa for Citizens of Indonesia

Japan is a popular destination for both tourists and business travelers. Indonesian citizens who have a biometric passport (e-passport) are eligible for a visa waiver certificate for a stay of up to 15 days. If the traveler does not have a biometric passport or would like to stay in Japan for a longer trip, they will require a tourist visa.

The Japan tourist visa is valid for a stay of up to 90 days and can be used for business trips, tourism, or for visiting friends and family in Japan.

The New Japan eVisa for Indonesian Citizens

The Japanese government is introducing a new electronic visa (eVisa) for visits to Japan from Indonesia, which will be rolling out starting in 2020. The Japan eVisa for Indonesian citizens requires a valid passport and other supporting documents. The entire process can be completed online, completely removing the need for applicants to visit the Japanese Embassy in order to obtain a Japan visa.

To use the eVisa process, the applicant will have to enter personal details which appear on their passport. They will also enter details about their trip including dates of travel, the places they plan to visit, and the name of the ship or airline company with which they are traveling. In addition, the applicant will need to provide details of where they will stay while in Japan.

Lastly, the application has a section where the applicant will have to report any past criminal history or legal violations.

Tourist Visas for Indonesian Citizens

Indonesian citizens with a biometric passport

The visa waiver program is available to Indonesian citizens with an e-passport, also known as a biometric passport. These passports have a chip symbol on the front of the passport, below the word ‘Passport.’

The visa waiver certificate allows a traveler a short-term stay for up to 15 days. To apply, the traveler will have to submit their passport to the Japanese Embassy or Japanese Consulate in Indonesia.

Applying for a Japan tourist visa from Indonesia

To get a Japan visa for a non-biometric Indonesian passport, travelers will have to apply for the general tourist visa to Japan.

The application form is available online as well as in person at the Embassy in Jakarta. Before the eVisa is made available in April 2020, individuals must submit their Japan visa application package to the Japanese Embassy or to one of the consulate general offices.

With the eVisa, which will be available soon, individuals can simply submit the Japanese visa application themselves using the online application form.

Japan Visa Requirements for Indonesian Citizens

In order to be granted a visa, travelers will need to gather the passport and required documents for the Japan Visa.

The following items are required of Indonesian citizens:

  • A valid Indonesian passport with 2 blank visa pages
  • A completed Japan visa application form
  • A recent passport-sized photo with a white background
  • Proof of sufficient funds for the trip
  • An outline of travel plans in Japan with dates, activities, and details for a contact person and accommodation for the duration of the trip

If the applicant is traveling on invitation from someone in Japan, that person should submit a formal letter along with the application.

Other Japan Visa Types

While the most common types of Japan visas are the tourist visas outlined above, please review the other visa types and be sure to apply for the correct category.

Short-term Japan visas for Indonesian nationals

  • Business Visa – applicants should be employed at a company which falls under certain criteria
  • Transit Visa – required for Indonesian citizens if stopping over in Japan on the way to a different country

Long-term visas for Indonesian nationals

The Japanese government grants long-term visas for Indonesian citizens in special cases:

  • The Working Visa and Highly Skilled Professional Visa are for people with a job offer or sponsor in Japan who can provide a certificate of eligibility
  • The General Visa is granted for participation in cultural activities. It requires a Regional Immigration Authority to issue a certificate of eligibility
  • The Specified Visa is intended for Indonesian spouses or children of Japanese nationals
  • Diplomatic and Official Visas are reserved for government officials stationed in Japan for diplomatic missions