Japanese eVisa for Iranian Citizens

Officials in both Tehran and Tokyo have made tangible efforts to increase tourism between Iran and Japan in the coming years. Under the agreements, both countries will see an uptick in visitors from their partnering country, with the major increases expected to take place by 2025.

In an effort to help streamline the process, Japanese officials are soon launching a tourist eVisa for Iranian citizens. Find out all the details about the Japan eVisa and what Iranian passport holders will need to apply.

Do Iranians Need a Visa for Japan?

Following the official launch by Japanese travel authorities of the eVisa for Japan, Iranian passport holders will be required to apply for and receive their own Japanese eVisa before traveling to Japan.

There are only a handful of countries across the globe that are not going to be required to hold a visa before setting foot in Japan, and since Iran is not one of them, their citizens, along with the majority of nationals from other countries, will have to go through the process of acquiring their own eVisa.

Japan Visa Requirements for Iranian Nationals

Iranian citizens who are planning on visiting Japan will need to fill out an application form for the Japan eVisa.

The application consists of providing some basic information, as well as fulfilling a list of Japan visa entry requirements, which generally takes the form of providing documents and details about their trip. To that effect, each applicant from Iran must provide the following:

  • An Iranian passport. The passport must have a minimum of two blank pages as well as have six months of remaining validity
  • A secondary piece of identification. The ID must be issued by the Iranian government, such as a drivers license or a birth certificate
  • If the traveler is married, they must provide the Japanese government with a marriage certificate
  • A passport-sized photograph that has been digitally scanned and uploaded
  • A detailed itinerary for their trip to Japan. The itinerary must include flight plans for exit and entry to Japan as well as hotel accommodation for their time spent in Japan
  • In the case of a self-financed trip (instead of the aid of a guarantor or sponsor) then the applicant must also provide recent financial documents such as bank statements or tax documents that prove the applicant can pay for their time in Japan

Should the applicant of Iran be visiting Japan with the financial support of a guarantor or sponsor from Japan, then they must indicate this while filling out their application form and provide the following additional documents:

  • A letter from their sponsor or guarantor which details the intricacies of the relationship between the two parties and gives reasons for the sponsorship
  • Documents that prove that the information provided in the letter is true
  • Documents that show that the sponsor or guarantor is not only willing but also able to financially support the traveler throughout their trip to Japan. These are typically bank statements or tax documents

How Long Can an Iranian Citizen Stay in Japan?

The time Iranian passport holders can stay in Japan is dependent upon their Japan visa type. For instance, The tourist eVisa for Japan allows Iranians to stay in Japan for up to 90 days. This is true whether they are on a single- or multi-entry visa.

The transit visa does not allow Iranians to visit Japan, but it does allow them to transit through the country.

The business visa is also valid for 90 days and is available as a single or multi-entry option.

Special Visas for Iranian Citizens to Japan

For those citizens of Iran who require longer permission to stay in Japan, the following visas are worth exploring:

  • The general visa grants holders up to three years of stay in Japan provided that they meet the specific requirements
  • The diplomatic visa is available to diplomacy workers in Japan and the length of stay is contract dependent
  • The official visa is meant for government and international relations workers and the length of stay is contract dependent
  • The specific visa is for spouses who are intent on relocating to Japan to be with their partner. The visa is valid for up to five years
  • The working visa is available to those Iranians who have received a contract offer by a Japanese company to relocate

Since currently the Japan eVisa has not been launched, it is important that citizens of Iran are informed about the latest development regarding visas to visit Japan.