Japanese eVisa for Nigerian Citizens

Nigerian nationals thinking on traveling to Japan will soon be able to obtain a so-called Japanese eVisa from the comfort of their homes, only using an electronic device with an internet connection.

This electronic travel authorization is set to launch during 2020 and will be the perfect solution for tourists of Nigeria who need to access the island country for a short period without the need of previously visiting embassies, consulates or other immigration offices.

There are more than 60 countries whose citizens are eligible for this Japanese online travel permit, among which there are Nigerian travelers. However, at this time, the e-Visa to Japan has not been made available.

Do I Need a Visa for Japan From Nigeria?

Yes, each and every traveler who intends on visiting Japan with a Nigerian passport first needs to apply for a Japanese visa before they will be allowed into the island nation.

Luckily, once the eVisa program is officially launched in 2020, the process will be easy to complete and should not take more than a few minutes, leaving Nigerian travelers more time to plan their vacation to Japan and less time worrying about getting their documents in order.

Japan tourist eVisa for Nigerians: main features

The most common eVisa for Nigerians traveling to Japan will be the Japanese tourist eVisa once it is launched by the local government.

The tourist eVisa for Japan will grant Nigerian passport holders up to 90 days of stay in Japan. The visa will be available in a single-entry option as well as a multi-entry option. Both options will be valid for the same 90 days from the date of first entry into Japan.

The tourist eVisa is perfect for Nigerians visiting Japan for tourism, leisure, short business ventures, or visiting family and friends.

Japanese Online Visa: Required Documents for Nigerians

No matter what type of Japanese visa an applicant of Nigeria is applying for, they will always need to have certain documents on hand, as well as abide by certain conditions. All this information is commonly known as Japan’s eVisa entry requirements.

These requirements will vary slightly by country and by visa type, but the baseline prerequisites to enter Japan with an eVisa tend not to change a tremendous amount.

In the case of the Japan eVisa for Nigerian citizens, each applicant is asked to present these requirements alongside their completed Japanese online visa application form:

  • A Nigerian passport with at least six months remaining before the passport expires, as well as a minimum of two blank pages
  • A secondary piece of government identification such as a birth certificate, or a driver’s license
  • If the applicant of Nigeria is married, then they must provide a marriage certificate
  • A detailed itinerary for Nigerian travelers’ plans while in Japan (arrival, activities, and accommodation)
  • A digital scan of a recent passport-sized photograph of the Nigerian applicant
  • In the event that the citizen of Nigeria is funding their own trip, they must provide documents that show Japanese officials they are capable of paying their own way. Acceptable documents include tax statements and bank statements

Once citizens of Nigeria have gathered and submitted the data, they can double-check all the provided information and then pay the processing visa fee with a credit or debit card.

Nigerians traveling with a sponsor to Japan

If travelers from Nigeria are visiting Japan with the aid of a guarantor or sponsor, then they must provide additional documents when they are submitting their application as the Japanese government will wish to verify the authenticity of the arrangement. Each applicant must also provide:

  • A letter from the sponsor or guarantor that explains the nature of the relationship between the two parties
  • Documents that prove that the information in the letter is accurate and trustworthy
  • Financial statements that show that the sponsor has sufficient funds to provide for the traveler throughout the entire time they are on Japanese land

Other Japanese Visa Options for Nigerian Citizens

There are other visa types for Japan available to Nigerian travelers depending on the amount of time and reasons for visiting Japan.

Japan Short-Term Visa Options for Nigerians

  • A Transit Visa is meant for travelers using Japan for a layover instead of a destination
  • A Business visa is for Nigerians visiting Japan strictly for professional reasons

Longer Visa Options to visit Japan from Nigeria

  • The Diplomatic Visa is meant for Nigerians in Japan for reasons of diplomacy
  • The Official Visa is aimed at Nigerians who are in Japan for governmental or international relations work
  • The General Visa is for those Nigerians who need to be in Japan for between three months and three years
  • The Working Visa allows Nigerians who have received concrete offers to relocate to Japan for work
  • The Specific Visa allows a spouse to relocate to Japan

Nigerians are advised to stay informed about the latest updates about the Japanese eVisa.