Japanese Visa for Peruvian Citizens

Peruvian passport holders looking to visit Japan will soon have a much easier way of receiving a visa. Following the completion of the 2020 Winter Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japanese tourism officials are going to roll out an entirely new visa distribution system.

Beginning in April 2020, travelers from Peru, as well as many other countries across the globe will be able to apply for a Japanese eVisa; an online visa that lets applicants skip the long lines at their local embassy or consulate. The eVisa will still require Peruvian passport holders to provide personal documents and details, but the process will be much simpler.

To find out more about this new Japanese eVisa, and how to apply for it, continue to the next sections.

Do Peruvians Need a Visa for Japan?

Japan has established some eligibility criteria for foreign citizens willing to visit the country for short and long terms. In this regard, some countries require a Japan visa, while others are exempt from obtaining that document.

In the case of Peru and whether its nationals need to apply for a visa to enter Japan, the answer is yes. No matter the reason for visiting Japan or the intended duration of the trip, each Peruvian national is required to hold a Japanese visa before stepping foot in the country.

There are a variety of options, therefore travelers are advised to carefully read the guidelines to make sure they have selected the right visa for their travel needs.

Visa Types for Peruvian Residents

While filling out the application, it is important to select the appropriate visa type the Peruvian national is applying for: a tourist visa, a business visa, and a transit visa are not the same, as each one of them has different criteria and requirements that need to be taken into consideration.

Read on for a comprehensive list of Japanese visa types for Peruvian citizens.

Short-Term Visas for Peru Passport Holders

There are three types of common short-term visas available to Peruvians for Japanese travel.

The most common of these three visas is the Japan tourist visa, which is valid for stays of up to 90 days and can be issued as a single-entry visa only. This visa is for those travelers who are in Japan for tourism or to visit family.

The second visa is the Japanese business visa, which is also valid for 90 days and available in a multiple-entry option. This visa is for those Peruvians who have business ventures in Japan for fewer than 90 days and meet the eligibility criteria (e.g., having a supervisory position in a select, outstanding corporation). There is also a Japanese single- or double-entry business visa available for temporary visits.

The third short-term visa option is a transit visa. As it is often the case, this type of travel permit is only available for people who are not planning on staying in Peru but instead are catching a connecting flight to other final destinations.

It is important to notice that, with the introduction of the Japan eVisa, travelers from many parts of the world, including Peru nationals, will be able to apply for an electronic Japan visa only in a matter of minutes.

Long-Term Visas for Citizens of Peru

The long-term visa options are a bit more nuanced. It is critical that Peruvian passport holders who are applying for one of these visas have all of the paperwork required, as they are more complex than the standard visas listed above.

  • The general visa is most commonly used in cases that require longer stays than the tourist visa. Those Peruvians who plan on staying in Japan for between three months and three years would select this option.
  • The official visa is granted for a number of reasons such as for governmental projects or specific business ventures. The duration of the visa varies along with the project.
  • The working visa is the option to select if you have received a contract offer to work in Japan.
  • The diplomatic visa is for individuals from Peru who are in Japan doing diplomatic work. The duration of the project or job dictates the visa length.
  • The specific visa can be offered to Peruvians who are family of Japanese nationals. It is valid for as many as five years.

Japan Visa Requirements for Peruvian Nationals

Each individual visa has specific requirements. In general, however, there are a few general requirements that each applicant will need to provide while filling our their Japanese eVisa application.

  • A Peruvian passport with at least two blank passport pages and six months of remaining validity
  • A recent (last six months or so) passport-style digitalized photo for the visa
  • A complete itinerary including the hotels and proof of onward travel
  • A marriage license if the traveler is married
  • A secondary document that confirms their identity such as a birth certificate or driver’s license
  • If a traveler is not in Japan with the aid of a guarantor, then they must provide recent income statements and bank statements to prove they can support themselves in Japan

In the event that a traveler is visiting the country with the help of a guarantor or a sponsor, then they must also provide the following:

  • A letter detailing the relationship between the sponsor and guarantor
  • Documents proving the details of the letter
  • Financial records proving that the sponsor is able to support the visitor

As the launch date for the eVisa nears, Japanese officials will continue providing detailed updates and news related to the Japan eVisa.