Japan Visa for Citizens of Russia

Japan is a popular travel destination for both tourists and business travelers. Having a visa is required for citizens of Russia to travel to Japan.

Russian citizens with a Japan tourist visa are allowed to stay for up to 90 days. The Japan tourist visa is intended for tourism, visits with family or friends, or short-term business.

Japan Tourist eVisa Requirements from Russia

The Japanese government plans to introduce a new electronic visa (eVisa) for visits to Japan from Russia. The new system will be rolling out starting in April 2020. To qualify for the Japan eVisa for Russian citizens, applicants will need to have a valid passport plus some other required documents. Because the process will be done entirely online, travelers will no longer have to visit the Japanese Embassy to obtain a visa.

The application asks for personal details of the traveler, which should be entered exactly as they appear in the passport. The application then requires more details about the trip. For example, dates of travel, the purpose of travel, port of entry, and ship or air carrier of arrival. The applicant must also enter details about where they will be staying for the duration of their trip.

The applicant will lastly have to answer a series of legal questions. These are related to past criminal history or previous immigration violations.

Japan to introduce electronic visa system for Russian tourists from April

Be sure to meet all of the necessary visa requirements for the Japan tourist visa from Russia and collect the following documents:

  • A valid Russian passport, signed, with 2 blank visa pages
  • A recent passport-sized photos with a white background
  • A copy of the latest bank certificate and income tax return in order to prove financial ability to pay for the trip
  • If someone else will be funding the trip, the application should include documentation from the sponsor, including:
  • A Letter of Guarantee
  • A document proving the relationship between the sponsor and the applicant
  • A bank certificate and income tax return from the sponsor
  • A detailed schedule of the trip itinerary, including dates, cities, points of contact, and accommodation
  • Proof of roundtrip travel to Japan in the form of a travel reservation by air or ship

If a business partner or family member has invited the applicant, the application should include a formal letter written by the person who extended the invitation. In the case of business travel, the applicant should include a certificate of employment including current job title, salary, tenure, and a document stating the business trip purpose. If traveling to Japan for family purposes, the traveler should submit a document that proves the relation to the family in Japan including birth certificate, marriage certificate, or a copy of the family register.

Japan e-Visa Application Process from Russia

Until the eVisa brings the process online, visa applications must be submitted at the Japanese Embassy in Moscow, consulate general office, or visa processing agency while still in Russia. Once the eVisa is available, applicants can quickly and easily submit the online application form themselves.

Types of Japan Visas for Russian Passport Holders

Besides the tourist visas outlined above, travelers from Russia can apply for the following short-term visas:

  • Business Visa – applicants for this visa are required to be employed at a corporation in at least a managerial role. The company must also satisfy certain criteria
  • Transit Visa – Russian citizens must apply for a transit visa if stopping over in Japan as part of onward travel

There are also some long-term visas available to Russian citizens:

  • The Working Visa and Highly Skilled Professional Visa are for visitors who have someone in Japan who can produce a certificate of eligibility. This is primarily intended for people who have an existing job offer in Japan
  • The General Visa is for applicants who intend to engage in cultural activities in Japan. It requires a certificate of eligibility from a regional immigration authority
  • A Specified Visa is intended for Russian spouses and children of Japanese citizens
  • Diplomatic and Official Visas are intended for individuals who are stationed in Japan for diplomatic missions