Japan Visa for Citizens of Ukraine

Currently, Japan requires a visa from citizens of Ukraine in order to enter the country. The Japan tourist visa enables citizens of Ukraine to stay for up to 30 days. Travelers with this Japan tourist visa are allowed to engage in short-term business trips, visits with family or friends, or general tourism in Japan.

The New Japan eVisa for Ukraine Citizens

Beginning in 2020, a new electronic visa (eVisa) for visitors to Japan from Ukraine will be introduced by the Japanese government. In order to apply for a Japan eVisa for Ukrainian citizens, travelers will need a valid passport along with some other documentation requested by the government. Since the process can be done entirely online, travelers will no longer have to visit the Japanese Embassy in person in order to obtain a Japan visa.

The application requires some personal information, which should be submitted exactly as it appears in the passport. The traveler must then enter their trip details, for example, dates of travel, port of entry, the purpose of travel, and the ship or airline with which they are traveling. The traveler must lastly submit details about where they will be staying for the duration of their trip.

Due to legal requirements, the application has a section related to past legal violations. The applicant will have to report any past criminal history or immigration-related transgressions.

Relaxation of Visa Requirements for short-term stay in Japan for nationals of Ukraine

It is the responsibility of the applicant to make sure they meet all of the visa requirements for the Japan tourist visa from Ukraine. Ukrainian citizens need to prepare the following set of documents:

  • A recent passport-sized photo with a white background
  • A valid Ukrainian passport, signed, with 2 blank visa pages
  • The completed visa application form
  • A second form identity including a birth certificate, driver’s license, or identification card
  • Other supporting documents such as a curriculum vitae, residence certificate, or marriage certificate
  • A bank certificate and income tax return to prove sufficient financial capability for the trip
  • If someone else will be funding the trip, the application will need to include:
  • A Letter of Guarantee from the sponsor
  • Proof of the relationship between the applicant and sponsor
  • A copy of the sponsor’s bank certificate and income tax return
  • An agenda of travel plans in Japan with dates, activities, contact person and accommodation
  • Proof of reservation for round trip travel to Japan, plus a hotel reservation for the duration of the trip

The application package should also include a formal invite from someone in Japan if the applicant is traveling for business or family purposes. If traveling for business, the applicant should submit a certificate of employment. If traveling for a family event, the application should include documents proving family relation to the invitee including birth certificate, marriage certificate or a copy of the family register.

Before the launch of the eVisa starting in April 2020, individuals can apply for a visa at the Japanese Embassy in Kiev, consulate general office, or visa processing agency while still. With the eVisa, the Japanese travel visa process can be quickly and easily done online by the applicant themselves.