Japan Visa for Citizens of Vietnam

Japan is a world-famous destination for both tourism and business travel. Vietnam passport holders who want to travel to Japan require a visa to do so.

The most common visa for Vietnamese citizens is the temporary visitor visa which grants permission to stay in Japan for up to 30 days. With this Japan tourist visa, travelers can partake in short-term business trips, visits with family or friends, or general tourism in Japan.

The new Japan eVisa for Vietnamese Citizens

In 2020, the Japanese government will introduce a new electronic visa (eVisa) for visitors to Japan from Vietnam. In order to obtain a Japan eVisa for Vietnamese citizens, applicants will need to provide a valid passport and some additional documentation required by the government. The process will be entirely online, which means that travelers will not have to visit the Japanese Embassy to apply for the Japan visa.

Japan tourist eVisa requirements from Vietnam

The applicant will need to enter some personal details, exactly as they appear on their passport. The purpose of the trip, dates of travel, port of entry, and the name of the transport carrier must be noted. The applicant must also provide details for where they will be staying during their trip.

Lastly, the applicant needs to answer a set of legal questions related to any past criminal history or immigration violations.

Japan Visa Requirements from Vietnam

Travelers should ensure that they meet all the necessary visa requirements for the Japan tourist visa from Vietnam. Vietnamese citizens are required to submit the following documents:

  • A valid Vietnamese passport, signed, with 2 blank visa pages
  • The completed visa application form
    A recent passport-sized photo with a white background
  • A copy of a second identifying document other than a passport. This can include a birth certificate, driver’s license, or identification card
  • Supporting documents such as a residence certificate, marriage certificate, or curriculum vitae
  • Proof of sufficient funds for the trip in the form of an Income Tax Returns and the most recent bank statement. Printed statements will need to be stamped by the bank officials
  • If someone else will be funding the trip, the application will need to include:
  • A Letter of Guarantee from the sponsor
  • Proof of the relationship between the applicant and sponsor
  • A copy of the sponsor’s bank certificate and income tax return
  • Confirmed reservation of air or ship boarding ticket to and from Japan, plus hotel reservation for the duration of the trip
  • An outline of travel plans in Japan with dates, activities, contact people and accommodation

In cases where someone from Japan has invited the applicant, that person should prepare a formal letter which will be included in the application. If visiting family or friends, the application should include documents proving family relation to the invitee including birth certificate, marriage certificate or a copy of the family register. The application should also include a certificate of employment if the applicant is traveling for business.

Applying for a Japan Visa from Vietnam

Before the eVisa is made available in April 2020, individuals must apply for a visa at the Japanese Embassy in Hanoi, consulate general office, or visa processing agency while still in Vietnam. With the eVisa, the Japanese travel visa process can be quickly and easily done online by the applicant themselves.

Other Types of Japan Visas for Vietnamese Passport Holders

Be sure to apply for the correct visa type because the Japanese government offers many different types in addition to the tourist visas described above.

Short-term Japan visas for Vietnamese nationals

Vietnam passport holders may apply for the following types of short-term visas, in addition to the tourist visas described above.

  • Business Visa – to apply for this visa, applicants need to hold a managerial position at a company which falls under certain criteria
  • Transit Visa – If a Vietnamese citizen will be stopping over in Japan on the way to another destination, they will require a transit visa

Long-term visas for Vietnamese nationals

There are also some long-term visas offered by the Japanese government to Vietnamese citizens:

  • The Working Visa and Highly Skilled Professional Visa is suited for individuals who have a job offer in Japan and a sponsor who can submit a certificate of eligibility
  • The General Visa is granted to people who will engage in cultural activities in Japan. It is granted if the applicant can produce a certificate of eligibility from a regional immigration authority
  • A Specified Visa is for the Vietnamese spouses and children of Japanese passport holders
  • Diplomatic and Official Visas are meant for government officials who are stationed in Japan for diplomatic purposes