Visas to enter Japan

Visa Policy of Japan

Japan is a country where modern life meets ancient traditions making it an ideal travel destination. Foreign visitors will be able to immerse themselves in a culture that is both intriguing and kind.

Travelers interested in going to Japan are required to obtain a visa unless they are citizens of visa-exempt countries. Nationals from these countries are granted a 90-day stay in Japan. Those who need a Japan visa will need to submit their application at a Japanese embassy or consulate.

Do I require a Visa to Enter Japan?

Whether you need a visa to enter Japan or not depends on the country you are a citizen of. At this time, citizens of 68 countries and territories can travel to Japan for tourism and business purposes without having to apply for a visa at a consulate or embassy.

Whether a visitor needs a tourist visa to Japan will be determined by their nationality. There are a few aspects of the Japan visa policy foreign travelers should know about.

There are a total of 68 countries and territories that are exempt from obtaining a Japan visa to visit the country. Citizens of these countries can visit Japan for a stay of up to 90 days, unless it is otherwise specified. European Union member countries as well as the United States, Canada and Mexico are allowed to travel to Japan for a 90-day stay.

Some countries, such as Austria, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Mexico, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland can apply to extend their stay in Japan to up to six months.

Japan has special rules for citizens of some countries. Citizens of Indonesia, Brunei, and Thailand are granted a 15-day visa-free travel to Japan while United Arab Emirates citizens are allowed a 30 day stay without a visa.

Citizens from 45 countries that hold a diplomatic and service category passport do not need to apply for a Japan visa.

Which Countries Need a Japan Visa for Short-Term Stays

Citizens from most Latin American, African, Asian and former Soviet Union countries are required to apply for a Japan visa at an embassy or consulate. In order to get a visa for Japan, the applicant will need to provide a valid passport and additional documentation established by the government.

visa policy of japan


Japan will introduce an electronic visa system for citizens of China, and possibly, other nationalities from 2021: Indonesia (no e-passport), Philippines, Brazil, India, Qatar, Vietnam, or Russia.

The visa system should simplify the process of getting a visa to Japan. Additionally, the Japanese government is likely to add other types of visas to the online system. It has been reported that travelers arriving from Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea The United States, and Singapore will be able to get a visa on arrival.

Online Applications for Chinese Individuals Will Oper Before

However, things are starting to change for some foreign nationals. Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that as of June 2019, Chinese travel agencies are going to be able to offer online visa application services.

China is the first country authorized by the Japanese government to open this online service for tourist visas to Japan. For the time being, only the designated Chinese travel agencies will be able to skip the paper submission and file for electronic visas.

Travelers who want to obtain a tourist visa to Japan still need to send their application to these agencies as they are the only ones allowed to process online visas. Online applications for Chinese individuals are expected to open after 2021.