Entry Travel Documents for Japan

Entry Travel Documents for Japan

Japan continues to grow in popularity as a tourist destination. An increasing number of people flock there every year to witness the ancient culture, modern cities, and the stunning natural scenery.

Many nationalities can enter Japan with just a passport though others need to obtain a visa. The visa requirements for Japan depend on the traveler’s nationality, their reason for visiting, and the length of time they wish to stay.

What are the Necessary Travel Documents for Japan?

All travelers to Japan need a passport which is valid for the duration of their stay and the majority need a visa. Citizens from 68 Japan visa exempt countries including the US, Canada, the EU, Australia, and New Zealand do not need to obtain a visa.

Regardless of whether visitors need a visa, they may have to present proof of sufficient financial means to cover their stay and return or onward travel tickets. All travelers are photographed and have to provide their fingerprints on arrival. Some people are randomly selected for short interviews.

The new electronic Japan tourist visa from 2020

In April 2020, the Japanese Government will introduce a new electronic Japan tourist visa. Chinese tourists will be the first eligible nationality but it will eventually be available for numerous nationalities.

Getting Emergency Travel Documents in Japan

Losing a passport or having one stolen abroad is a very stressful and inconvenient experience. If this happens to you in Japan you need to file a police report and then go to your country’s embassy or consulate to get an emergency passport. You will not be able to leave Japan without one.

Several documents are required to get an emergency passport. The exact documentation differs from embassy to embassy but basically includes the following:

  • Certificate of loss issued by the police station
  • Passport photo
  • Identification
  • Emergency visa fee